Mato, the Bear

Canadien Black Bear © Assiniboine Tipis The first black bears made their way to the continent from Asia half million years ago by crossing the Bering Land Bridge. Moving south from what would become Alaska, the species gradually spread into and across Canadian lands and in time reached the present day United States. Today upwards of 800,000 black bears inhabit North America with most still found in Alaska and Canada. Black bears are large mammals, averaging between 150 to 250 pounds for females and up to 400 pounds or more for males. Some black bears weighing more than 600 pounds have been reported. The general coloration of the black bear is bluish black but occasionally they may be brownish or even cinnamon colored. The muzzle is brown and there may be a white patch on the upper region of the chest. The tail is short, the eyes small, and the ears are small and rounded. Black bears walk flat-footed and are known as plantigrades. Each foot is tipped by long, powerful, non retractable claws.

Black Bear Hide, photo ManyBears Black Bear Hides
Canadian prime black bear pelts complete with claws, they have been commercially tanned, they are soft and have long winter fur. Black bears hides are perfect to hand on the wall or put in front of your fireplace.
FUR90 - Black Bear Tanned Hide................ $ 655.00
FUR91 - Size L, 66" x 34" (picture)...............$ 895.00
FUR92 - Black Bear Hide- Size XL (+ 6 ')....$ 1,250.00
FUR93 - Black Bear Mounted Rug............... CALL
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FUR95 - Grizzly Hide..... Price on request

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