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Vision of the Spirit Buffalo

spirit White Buffalo Years ago, as I was fasting and meditating, something extraordinary and, I must say, unexpected happened to me-I received a vision. It was like watching a movie; a great white buffalo was emerging from the ground, pushing hard on his front legs, much like if Earth was giving birth. I still remember everything vividly: the air was crisp and clean, and the surroundings were intensely green and quiet, there were no trees, just grass, nothing else. Later, I talked to an elder about my experience and was told that I have been blessed with this powerful vision. It took me a few more years to understand the meaning of what I saw. I asked a friend to draw a picture of the vision for me; here it is, the Great White Buffalo emerging from the earth.

Sweetgrass Braid

Prices are for the artwork only, teepee covers are ordered separately here.
Colors may be slightly different from those shown as each tipi shall be unique.

White Buffalo Teepee - Copyright Assiniboine Tipis White Buffalo Spirit
14’....$ 572.00
16’....$ 632.00
18’....$ 704.00
20’....$ 781.00
22’....$ 866.00
24’....$ 935.00
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